Vegamatrix Prime Zyme 3785ml

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  • -Essential enzymes to maximize your root zones’ potential
  • -Contains only food-grade enzymes
  • -Keep your roots and their mycelia healthy
  • -Contains natural, veganic ingredients to facilitate high metabolism and growth rates in all plants

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Vegamatrix Prime Zyme

“Keeps roots strong and clean for maximum efficiency, plant respiration and nutrient absorption. Vegamatrix Prime Zyme ensures that your plants can deliver when the nutrients are needed the most!”

Enzymes are essential to all living things on planet earth. In humans, they aid in the digestion of our food to help our systems run more efficiently. In plants, they do a similar activity in helping to perform natural functions better and faster. Enzymes ensure your plants have a healthy root zone to function at their best and Vegamatrix has created a superior enzyme product. 

By combining sophisticated chemistry with homogenization and fermentation a superior veganic nutrient was designed by world famous grower Kyle Kushman! Vegamatrix Prime Zyme contains carefully formulated enzymes that are crucial for plant health because they quicken the process of breaking down dead root material into reusable forms of nutrition. Vegamatrix Prime Zyme super activates microorganisms that help facilitate the process. What happens as a result of using Vegamatrix Prime Zyme is that your plants will have much stronger roots that will be able to take in more nutrients. With enzymes, your plants don’t have to work very hard to metabolize which in turn lower your nutrient requirements. When you have strong roots supporting strong plants, your plants will have higher rates of photosynthesis and much faster growth rates.

Vegamatrix Prime Zyme will reduce the chances of toxic conditions in your growing environment and make sure you always have clean, healthy root tips to maximum your uptake of nutrients and root respiration. Vegamatrix Prime Zyme Enzymatic Complex is designed for use with any substrate or growing medium. Vegamatrix Prime Zyme Enzymatic Complex is compatible with all nutrients.

Directions: Apply Vegamatrix Prime Zyme to every watering at a rate of 5-15 ml/g

Store in a dark cool place.

Guaranteed Analysis

  • -Available Phosphate (P2O5) 2%
  • -Soluble Potash (K2O) 1%

Derived From: Mono-potassium phosphate, Di-potassium phosphate

Also contains non-plant food ingredients: Plant Extracts

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