Vegamatrix Amp-It 946ml

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  • -Amino Acids so your Plants Can Produce Bigger, Denser Flowers
  • -Designed to Amend the Nutrition for Crops in High-Yield Situations
  • -Aid Plants in Achieving Increased Metabolism
  • -Plants will Maintain Lush, Vigorous Growth throughout the Crop Cycle

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Vegamatrix Amp It Micros + Aminos

“Amino Acids – The Fuel to Explosive Growth”

By combining sophisticated chemistry with homogenization and fermentation a superior veganic nutrient was designed by world famous grower Kyle Kushman! Vegamatrix Amp It was created to amend nutrition for high yield crops. It contains a precise blend of naturally mined minerals and plant extracts that will increase the metabolism in your plants. For high yield plants to reach their full potential they need extra minerals. We’re asking our flowering plants to perform like they’re in the Olympics and without the extra minerals, we can’t expect them to perform at this high rate. That’s why Vegamatrix created a superior amino acid product to supplement their 100% veganic nutrient line! Vegamatrix Amp It will ensure your plants don’t run low on “fuel” and maintain powerful growth throughout the crop cycle.

Vegamatrix Amp It is a micro nutrient supplement containing all 21 of nature’s most essential building blocks, Amino Acids. Amino Acids are what all life is built from. The Amino Acids in Vegamatrix Amp It are in the “L-Form” which is the easiest form for plants to digest. This easy digestion will allow your plant to focus its energy into growing bigger flowers. When your growing medium is less than optimal the amino acids in Vegamatrix Amp It will help improve your yields.

Vegamatrix Amp It is designed for use with any substrate or growing media and is compatible with all nutrients.

Maintaining proper micro-nutrient levels with Vegamatrix Amp It will lead to:

  • -More vigor
  • -Increased photosynthesis and uptake of primary nutrients
  • -Heightened vegetative growth, fruiting and flowering
  • -Better resistance to environmental stress


  • -Apply Vegamatrix Amp-It at a rate of 2-10 ml/g
  • -Foliar Spray at a rate of 4-8 ml/g

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